What are the BIBLICAL STUDIES requirements? 

In coordination with Birmingham Theological Seminary (BTS) and Third Millennium Ministries (IIIM), the Biblical Studies Component of the PS78 Teacher Education Program can be fulfilled by completing the BTS requirements for a Certificate in Christian Ministry (CCM). All applicants for the PS78 Teacher Education Program are automatically enrolled in the BTS CCM program under the PS78Teachers’ Cohort. All materials necessary to complete the CCM program are on the BTS site and are free for all who reside outside the United States. Upon completion of the 27 credit hours a you will receive a certificate from Birmingham Theological Seminary that will count as the fulfillment of Component 2 of the PS78 Teacher Education Program. Requests for transfer/equivalency credits from MINTS-approved, master’s level, Old or New Testament survey courses or biblical doctrine courses will be considered on an individual basis. For more information: contact info@PS78Teachers.org.