Presentation Study Guide 2.1

Lesson 2: Ways to Define & Organize Curriculum


Video Part 2.1A and 2.1B

I. Confusion: Defining curriculum (Secular views)

A. Prescriptive definitions

B. Descriptive definitions

C. Practical and inclusive definition

D. Differing values

E. Areas of agreement

Review Questions Lesson 2.1
  1. What are the major differences between prescriptive and descriptive definitions of curriculum?
  2. According to Glatthorn et al., what are two criteria that a useful definition of curriculum should meet?
  3. Re-read the “practical and inclusive definition” of curriculum offered by Glatthorn et al. What are the major elements the authors believe should be addressed in a definition of curriculum?
  4. What reason did Phillips (2008) offer for the confusion surrounding the term curriculum? What are some examples of different things that various sectors of the population value and demand for schools to address?
  5. Phillips’ offered a list of words or phrase that he believes are common to most definitions of curriculum. Do you agree with Phillips? Or do you think something more is needed?