Miami International Seminary (MINTS)

PS78 Teacher Education Program (PS78-TEP)

Master of Theological Studies, Education Major

Study Team Facilitator Guide

2015 - Current


About This Guide

This Guide contains information for experienced teachers or administrators desiring to establish a local Study Center and lead a group of students--a Study Team--through the PS78 Teacher Education Program. It does not attempt to address information that is already covered in the Student Handbook. Any conflicts in language between this Guide and the Student Handbook will be resolved in favor of the language in the Student Handbook.

What is a PS78-TEP Study Team Facilitator?

  1. An unpaid volunteer who agrees to facilitate a Study Team that meets at a local Teacher Education Study Center to complete the PS78-TEP course of study.
  2. A professing Christian who is a member in good standing of a local evangelical church that has a Statement of Faith consistent with that of PS78-TEP.

What are the responsibilities of a Study Team Facilitator?

  1. Recruit and register a group of students (at least two students per study center).
  2. Ensure that a complete Application Form has been submitted to PS78-TEP for each student, including local references. Maintain current contact information for all students.
  3. Communicate with students to arrange dates, times, and places for Study Team meetings. Study Teams may move as quickly or as slowly through the courses as they desire, however, all courses must be completed six months after the start of the course.
  4. Review the PS78-TEP Student Handbook and provide a copy of the Handbook to all students. Students and Study Team Facilitators are asked to sign the “Terms of Agreement” statement found in the Handbook. The Handbook includes policies regarding Christian lifestyle, dispute resolution, code of ethics, statement of faith, and student privacy concerns.
  5. (PS78-TEP Graduates Only) Collect and grade (using rubrics provided) all written assignments and projects (generally, two short reflection papers of 2-3 paragraphs each for lessons 1-7, a 5 page reflection paper and/or project per course) and submit grades to PS78-TEP.
  6. Supervise final exams for each course (online or pen-and-paper) at the local Study Center. PS78-TEP will provide exams and exam answers by email. Because there are a limited number of exam questions, Facilitators must guard the confidentiality of the exams and may not allow students to retain copies of any exams. PS78-TEP will provide direction to the Study Team Facilitator on how to record and report exam grades and student progress. The Study Team Facilitator may not share the exam answers with the students before the student takes the exam or during the examination.
  7. Arrange for an appropriate graduation ceremony to honor students who successfully complete all PS78-TEP requirements. Upon submission of a Certification of Completion Form (see Handbook), a diploma or certificate will be issued by MINTS and PS78-TEP.

What fees are associated with PS78-TEP?

PS78-TEP does not charge a fee for any course; local Study Centers, however, may stipulate a minimal per credit hour fee to cover Study Center expenses only (i.e. room rental, electricity, copy cost, etc.). No fees shall be used to provide a salary for Study Team Facilitators. Reasonable reimbursement for travel cost for the Facilitator is allowed. A PS78-TEP Study Center must operate as a non-profit organization.

What is the Study Team Facilitator’s Relationship to PS78-TEP?

The Study Team Facilitator is not a PS78-TEP faculty member, employee or contractor and has no authority to make decisions for PS78Teachers or bind PS78Teachers in any way. While the Facilitator must agreed to abide by the Student Handbook and the terms of this Guide, PS78Teachers has no authority over the actions or statements of the Study Team Facilitator.

Resolving Conflicts

PS78-TEP is a Christian program. As such, the PS78-TEP staff asked that the biblical commands to make every effort to live at peace and to resolve disputes with each other in private or within the Christian church (see Matthew 18:15-20; 1 Corinthians 6:1-8) be followed by all participants. Therefore, any claim or dispute arising from or related to the matters described in this Guide shall be settled by mediation and, if necessary, legally binding arbitration in accordance with the Rules of Procedure for Christian Conciliation of the Institute for Christian Conciliation, a division of Peacemaker Ministries.


If the Study Team Facilitator ceases to participate in the PS78-TEP for any reason (including a decision by PS78Teachers to end the Facilitator's participation), the PS78-TEP staff will work with students to speedily process the application of a new Facilitator. However, PS78-TEP staff is not responsible to locate a replacement Facilitator.

While PS78Teachers has no intention of suspending or terminating the PS78-TEP, we recognize the uncertainties inherent in offering an online program globally. For that reason, PS78Teachers has reserved the right to suspend, modify or terminate the PS78-TEP at any time without any further obligation to the Facilitator or Study Team participants. We would, in that event, work with the students to develop a transition plan or alternative.

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