What is a Local Teacher Education Study Center?

A local Teacher Education STUDY CENTER is a place where participants in the PS78-TEP can join together to:

  • complete STUDY TEAM discussions,
  • encourage and pray for one another, and
  • hold each other accountable.

It also provides a forum for local Christian teachers to gather and plan for change in their school and community. For requirements to establish a local Teacher Education STUDY CENTER, go here.

What is a Local STUDY TEAM?
  1. A STUDY TEAM is a group of Christian learners at a local Teacher Education Study Center committed to completing either the PS78 Teacher Education Program (PS78-TEP) Master's or Certificate level course of study.
  2. STUDY TEAM learners agree to meet at least eight times per course (one time for each of the eight lessons) to
    1. Complete the STUDY TEAM Discussion for each lesson.
    2. Share and critique the Application Projects of fellow STUDY TEAM members.
    3. Submit written assignments to a local STUDY TEAM Facilitator (or, in the absence of a Facilitator, a PS78-TEP professor via email.)

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